Truck Accidents

Trucking accident litigation in Nebraska

A negligent truck driver operating an 18-wheel tractor-trailer is a danger to anyone on the road. At Shefren Law, we represent people injured in trucking accidents throughout Nebraska and nationwide. Our clients include employees of Werner Trucking Company. Werner maintains its global headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, and has offices throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, China and Australia. Werner’s presence in Omaha has allowed us to gain a great deal of experience in the trucking industry.

Investigating your truck accident claim

After advising the insurance company that we are representing you, we get to work investigating the trucking accident that caused your injuries, while you focus on recovering. We secure documentation of driving records and logbooks. Truck drivers must comply with regulations on the weight of the load they are carrying, the amount of time they can drive continuously and the number and length of breaks they take. Many trucking companies have seasoned investigators and accident re-constructionists – and so do we. From depositions and discovery, to the data analysis of the truck’s black box, we’re thorough and remain focused on the best outcome for you.

Truck drivers are often under the gun, working long hours to make deliveries on time. In some cases, driver fatigue can lead to serious truck accidents. At Shefren Law, we also have extensive experience helping accident victims obtain compensation for their injuries. The Department of Transportation regulates the number of hours truckers can work. We are well-prepared to investigate the factors leading to your accident and we help you obtain as much compensation as possible.

Let us handle the lawyers

Unfortunately, most claims filed against trucking companies are met with a significant level of resistance. Trucking companies deploy an army of lawyers in the courtroom, doing everything they can to prevent you from getting the compensation you so desperately need. Let us handle the lawyers.

We seek out all potentially liable parties to maximize your compensation. Even third parties may be included, like parts manufacturers or loading companies.

Let us construct your legal case.

We’ll work to recover the maximum compensation for your damages, including your future treatment expenses and loss of future earnings. Contact Shefren Law Offices, P.C., L.L.O.:

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